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3 Creative Ad Ideas You Should Be Stealing


Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ads out there? It's super important to cut through the clutter of ads to make a real connection with your audience.

How, you ask?
Let's check out 3 creative ad idea
s that attract attention. From embracing the simplicity of minimalism to going all out with high-impact ads, or even letting your success stories do the talking - we've got some tips and tricks to share!

Keep reading to discover our top hand-picked tools in the bustling world of digital advertising.

But First Some ... Questionable Examples

When you're trying to say everything at once, really, you're saying nothing at all.

A good display ad has a crystal clear message, whether it's expressed aggressively or with simplicity. 
Cluttering your ads with several call to actions or excessive information is no bueno  (except for your competitors).

But we get the logic - It's similar to TV-commercials challenging their speakers to pack as much information as possible in a 20 second time-frame. Problem is, more often than not, it's too much for anyone to catch the point of the ad.

Same concept applies to display ads - you should identify, and stick to your core message and avoid excessive noise.

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Lets have a look at some ads that didn't get the memo.

Design uden navn-min

Why you shouldn't steal these

Well, well...
Mainly, they're generic, and no one pays attention to generic ad-templates - static ads following the "classic"  ad-structure with a company logo, catchy headline, a (dull) text and a CTA-button.
These are textbook examples of ads that will drown in the sea of digital ads. They have no features that make them stand out and no exciting design elements.

Consumers quickly filter out these ad formats and spend no time or attention on the ad due to their generic nature.

In other words; they don't wield the most important weapon in the battle for attention - creativity.

Luckily there are ways to create ads that attracts attention, and no - it doesn't necessarily have to be the bigger and louder the better.

Here are three creative ad ideas you can steal and implement the very next day!

1.  Less is More: The Power of Minimalism in Ad Creation

In a world full of flashy and complex ads, going minimalist can be your trump card. It's about giving your audience a clear signal in a sea of noise, so they remember what you're all about. And when it's time to act, whether it's buying a product, joining the newsletter tribe, or hopping onto your website, a minimalist ad makes the desired action very clear.

By removing unnecessary elements, the products can shine through and grab people's attention. It's a great way to showcase specific features, and let's not forget - minimalist design principles have been around for a loooong time and yet they remain efficient!

Cane-Line's ad below is a prime example of minimalism gone right.

Why you should steal it

Cane-Line's minimalist ad lets the Scandi-style aesthetics speak for itself. Featuring only a brand name and a very subtle Call-to-Action button, Cane-Line makes sure attention is directed to the products they want to promote by leaving out information such as flashy price tags or discount percentages.

In other words; Show it, don't tell it.

... And a bonus idea you definitely should steal - Cane-Line's ad is a video consisting of short clips, making it give story-on-social-media-vibes, rather than ad-vibes. This is clever, as we have a tendency to ignore ads that, well... look like ads.

Consider using these sleek and visually appealing tricks in your display ad creation to make your ads stand out!

2. High-Impact Bombs: Ads That Demand Attention

From "less is more" to… well, something a little bit different.

High-impact ads are designed to capture the audience's attention at all costs. This means ads that consist of creative, engaging, and often interactive elements to really make them demand the attention of the user. High-impact ads often have features such as mid-scrolling where the ad appears dynamically when the user scrolls through content, or takeovers where the ad takes over part of the page and dedicates a big chunk of the screen to the ad.
The increased amount of pixels designated to the ad significantly increases the chances your ad is seen - and clicked on - by a larger number of viewers.

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It's more aggressive, but it allows for a ton of creativity - and definitely gets a fair share of attention!

Take a look at Shoe-D-Vision's high-impact ad below.


Why you should steal it

We're pretty sure you're not gonna miss this ad. Shoe-D-Vision's high-impact ad combines simplicity with size, making it super noticeable but not overwhelming.  And ultimately that's what high-impact ads are all about - making sure the audience notices the ad.

If you want to produce ads that guarantee attention, go nuts with high-impact designs in the Zuuvi Studio!

3. Social Proof: Ads That Prove a Point

Sometimes cleverly designed ads won't do the trick alone. By sharing success stories, positive statistics, or quotes from previous customers you might convince potential customers to trust your brand. Whether it's a superb customer service rating or great feedback from a thrilled customer, use it to highlight the amount of good your company creates! Don't be shy about sharing your successes - your audience will appreciate it, and it could even lead to even more success down the line.

Social proof can take many forms. In E-Commerce, efficient social proof is often positive ratings on customer review platforms such as trustpilot, while in SaaS, is frequently used. (Speaking of... Check out our awesome G2 reviews!)

Taking a look at 3F's ad below, it's a perfect example of how social proof can be utilized in display ads.

Why you should steal it

... Oh, and for non-Danish speakers - 3F's ad shows how they were able to help collect a preeetty large compensation for their client. That's definitely one way to show what you bring to the table.

One of the reasons why it works is because social proof builds trust and credibility.
When your audience sees the success other customers had with your company, they're more likely to jump on the bandwagon.
And also... larger numbers draw attention!

Thus, when used effectively, social proof can be a powerful tool for ad-creators to capture attention and increase chances of engagement.

So again - own those success stories and tell them with pride!

These are great approaches when creating and designing your ads. Each approach has its advantages and considerations to keep in mind when you're using them in ad-creation. In this article, we've covered just a few of them and included some display ad examples you could (should) steal ideas from!

And remember; there's no shame in being inspired by others' work. Rather, it's keeps you on your toes and might help you catch on to the newest trends!

Feeling inspired?
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