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A complete beginner’s guide to HTML5 banners


We at Zuuvi have dedicated all of our time to the banner universe and the surrounding atmosphere. On our website you will find a whole lot of posts, videos and our dictionary revolving around how to design banner ads and how you reach your target audience with them. Despite of this, there may still be some lost souls out there who feel a bit lost when it comes to essential questions as What are banner adverts? and what are they used for? Fear no more because your prayers have been heard. In this blog post we have gathered the most essential bullet points about banner ads in a complete beginner’s guide to html5 banners.

What is a banner ad?

Even though you might not be able to write a three page essay on the topic “what are banner adverts”, you have for sure encountered banner ads several times. When you are on Facebook and an ad for the clothing website you visited 30 minutes ago pops up, you have indeed encountered a banner ad. Banner adverts is a type of commercial for a product or a service that has been designed into the format of a banner. Do not be fooled by the name because even though you might associate the word “banner” with one of those poster that greets the fastest runner at the finishing line, banner ads do actually come in so many more sizes and types. When talking about banners, this includes both offline and online. At Zuuvi we are specialized in digital or online banners, which is therefore also the focal point of this guide. Regardless of the size or format, digital banner ads have one and the same mission: To make users click on them, so they can be brought to the website of the product or service, which could potentially lead to a sale.

How do banner ads work?

The way that banner ads work is not very different from the way that the banner in your local supermarket, that tells you potatoes are on sale, works. The purpose of banner ads is to spark your curiosity in regards to the product or service advertised. Banners can also have the goal of generating more traffic to the websites which they are advertising for. This is done by linking the ad directly to the advertiser’s website and then hoping that the user will seal the deal. In addition, banner ads may also have the goal to promote a business or brand. A digital banner is often the first contact a new potential customer gets with the business or brand. The quality of design, originality and technical performance can therefore have an impact on the first impression the user creates around the brand. Each banner ad should be viewed as a unique message that can take the form of a static image or animation. In addition to the aforementioned purposes, banner ads also work exactly like regular printed ads. Digitale banners can inform customers of new products and offers or simply make users aware of the brand’s existence. Banner ads have many advantages when compared to conventional advertising. One of them is that you can measure the effectiveness of the banner relatively simply or how well it performs. For banner advertising, the index is the clickthrough rate. Analysing the amount of clicks and views is how you judge whether your banner is successful or not. The data is easy to access since various of online tools make this possible. 

How are banner ads developed?

When taking the first steps in developing your banner ad, it is important that you take design, audience, and format into account. It is not enough to just have a good idea. All of it has to be in harmony to ensure that your ad performs well and results in money in your pocket. Regardless of the purpose of your banner ad, the key to great performance, is, of course, creativity. Capturing the user’s attention can be very challenging these days, especially in the digital environment where it is all about being creative. Therefore, you should do your utmost to make sure your banner ad is unique, fun or innovative. In other words, it must stand out from the crowd. It is up to you to assess whether what you need, is an animated energetic ad or a stylish font on a neat, simple background. Banner ads can be static or animated, which means that they either consist of images and text, or that they are moving as videos. Which type that is the most appropriate for your particular banner is a matter of taste and a question of how you want to convey your message to the user. Both types of banners have pros and cons, but in general we most often encounter animated banners, digitally speaking. Depending on which platform you want to place your banner ad on, there will also be an appropriate size to follow. It goes without saying that banners intended for smartphone users must be designed differently than banners intended for computer users. Although many designers will offer package deals which includes the selected banner ad in several different formats, it does not mean that what works well on a small, narrow banner, will have the same effect once it is formatted onto a large, tall banner. Balancing between sticking to a continuous style and adapting the design to the given format is therefore crucial. Maybe you are sighing reluctantly as you read how many factors come into play when designing a banner ad. Fortunately, here on our website, we have many tools you can use as a source of inspiration when it comes to banner ads. Do not give up – banner design can pay of tremendously, if done right. You can test waters with developing your own banner ad on Zuuvis’s own platform right here.

What can I expect from banner ads?

Banner ads are an effective way of advertising, despite the fact that many believe attracting new customers only can be done through TV ads during prime time. Because reality is that the Internet and the digital sphere have at least as much potential. Think about it – Do you spend the most time online or watching TV? So, when you start to consider investing in digital banner ads, you are making a wise move. We do not only say that because we make digital banner ads for a living, but because that is the actual truth. Take a look around as you sit online and you will notice how many banner ads are actually present. That testifies to an advertising method that produces results. If your banner ads are designed right and are super creative, that could be your company’s door to Eldorado. Maybe banner ads are a bit the new kid at school, but that does not mean the importance and potential opportunities accompanied should be forgotten.


Banner ads are here to stay, so you might as well educate yourself in how they work now, so you do not end up being one step behind.


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